Toini T.D Amutenya

Education and Awareness
About This Project

Eco Learning Lab Namibia and Namibia Youth Biodiversity Network

Toini is a young professional in conservation and a trainee in climate finance. Her work in contribution is on creating community awareness on climate change and other social impacts including the conservation of marine resources, the environment, and dealing with climate change impacts affecting the vulnerable groups.  She currently works for Triple Capital Namibia, A Climate Finance driven firm implementing sustainable actions on climate change and promoting inclusive cliamte-smart innovations.  Toini works closely with other youth networks in advocacy and is the co-founder of the Namibia Biodiversity Youth Network.  She also founded the Eco Learning Lab of Namibia a platform bridging the gap on information sharing, educating, and training on climate change to catalyze youth actions, and host listening sessions with youths across the Country airing their challenges and finding solutions together.

Toini is currently the Country Coordinator for UN COY16.

Her primary school book on the conservation of marine biodiversity was her work in contribution as a young educator.